On October 7, 2020, staff scientist Dr. Liudi Tang presented at the Special isirv-AVG Virtual Conference on ‘Therapeutics for COVID-19’ .  Dr. Tang will present the most recent data for one of Evrys Bio’s drug leads which has been demonstrated to have a broad spectrum of activities against a variety of viruses involved in human disease.

The slides that summarize his presentation can be found below.

Inhibition of Sirtuins (Liudi Tang)

Tuesday, October 6 and Wednesday, October 7, Evrys Bio will be represented at the premier mid-Atlantic biotech and pharmaceutical partnering conference.  Dr. Lillian Chiang, CEO and Dana Fowlkes, CBO will be representing Evrys Bio.  This virtual conference has been extended to a total of four days to permit more opportunities for one on one partnering discussions.  Evrys Bio is seeking potential partners to participate in the clinical development of lead candidates in serious respiratory diseases and viral hepatitis.

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Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center of Bucks County is once again in the spotlight, this time as the recipient of more than $1 million in state grants to help with research in pursuing a treatment and vaccine for COVID-19.

Of 23 state awards, the biotechnology center, located next to the Doylestown Airport in Buckingham, received four grants, bringing in $1.1 million of the $10 million statewide allocation. The money will help support the biotech center’s renovation plans, which will add research and training labs, more than 100 new jobs and new offices for COVID-19 research and development.

Two grants will go to scientists developing potential COVID-19 treatments at the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute at the biotech center and a hub for virology research for more than 17 years.

Another $322,000 grant is going to one of the center’s member companies, Evrys Bio. The company’s scientists are developing host-targeted antiviral drugs that can block the growth of different respiratory viruses including coronaviruses, and that can provide a high barrier to drug resistance.

Lillian Chiang, CEO of Evrys Bio, said her company’s goal is to develop broad-spectrum drugs that treat multiple viruses causing respiratory disease, rather than a single virus.

“We are grateful for these funds from the state of Pennsylvania that will enable us to extend our testing to SARS-CoV2, speeding our efforts to contribute to a COVID-19 solution,” said Chiang.

The biotechnology center, which opened in 2006, has more than 70 member companies, 41 of which have offices or labs in the facility.

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